NAPFA Conversation Circles

NAPFA Conversation Circles are facilitated by a NAPFA member or expert in the topic area and are designed to be an interactive and lively discussion with peers.

Intended Audiences: Each Conversation Circle has an intended audience, as outlined below. These are meant as guidelines, and any member or non-member is welcome to join any conversation that they’re interested in.

Solo Firms - 1-2 employees, under 1M in revenue (~ less than 100M AUM)

Mid-Size Firms - 3-10 employees, and between 1-5M of revenue. (~100M-1B AUM)

Large Firms - 11+ employees, and over 5M of revenue. (~ over 1B AUM)

Genesis - Financial advisors aged 33 and under

As part of our commitment to fostering open and honest dialogue, please be advised that recordings of Conversation Circles are strictly prohibited. This measure is in place to uphold the privacy and comfort of all participants. Additionally, we kindly request that attendees refrain from engaging in sales or promotion of products or services during the session.

Noncompliance with these guidelines may lead to removal from the session and from future NAPFA programs. Your cooperation in creating a respectful and conducive environment for discussion is greatly appreciated.

If you have a topic suggestion, please email it to

Upcoming Conversation Circles

SEO & Marketing

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

1:00 PM ET

Moderator: Allan Slider

Join Allan Slider, founder of, for brutally honest website reviews and an extended Q&A with a focus on raising your visibility in search engine optimization.  Allan has consulted with more than 2,000 NAPFA members over the past decade and will share exactly where to focus your efforts to put yourself, your firm, and Fee-Only advisors collectively at the front and center of the internet. Submit your questions ahead of time or during the call. Opt-in for Allan to review your website live.  


Advisor Capacity & Team Structure

Thursday, March 21, 2024

1:00 PM ET

Moderator: Bradley Hilton

At the various stages of growth in our practices, we will all face a headwind, capacity. How many clients can we serve successfully and in what role? This conversation circle will ask the questions and open discussions around what your capacity is, starting as a solo advisor and then evolving the conversation towards the boutique to larger teams, and what those team structures look like. How best can you structure your teams for your firm to handle more capacity and do so efficiently? For the already established teams or aspiring-to-grow teams, let’s talk about your team structure and the roles, responsibilities, and capacity for each.


Legacy Planning & Engaging the Next Generation of Clients

Thursday, March 28, 2024

1:00 PM ET

Moderator: Cheryl Krueger

The largest wealth transfer in history is underway, as the Baby Boomers pass on trillions of dollars in assets to younger generations. As research shows that the #1 reason professional relationships end for financial advisors is that beneficiaries inherit assets and opt to leave the advisor's services, this conversation circle will focus on the critical aspect of client retention during this transition of wealth.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, successes, and challenges in ensuring that their clients' children actively choose to maintain a partnership with them. Share and learn effective approaches that will help you secure the future of your advisory relationships.